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    Beijing Higher Vocational Colleges "General Boom Cup" Nursing Skills Competition

    time:2018-04-09      See:913

    On April 1st, 2018, the "General Boom Cup" nursing skills competition of Beijing higher vocational colleges, which is exclusively sponsored by Beijing General Boom Co., LTD, officially host in Beijing health vocational college. Twenty nursing students from Beijing health vocational college and five higher vocational colleges in Beijing participated in the competition. The winner will represent the Beijing area in the national higher vocational skills. nursing competition. Beijing General Boom provided Shanghai Honglian "brand series products play a stable support work, served as the referee and judges of the competition are from Nursing Association of Chinese Medical and Nursing Education at universities and industry experts, the conference hosted by Beijing Health Sun Guirong, director of the institute of vocational nursing, the head nurse Liu Lihui, director of the nursing department of Fuwai Hospital of Beijing academy of medical sciences, Li qingyin, gave a high evaluation on the result of this competition.

    Compared with previous skill competitions, tracheotomy nursing technology is a newly added item in this competition. Shanghai Honglian Medical Science and Technology  Co., LTD, which provided advanced full-function nursing training simulated human model. The competition model of intravenous indwelling needle infusion technology project, The advanced venous blood circulation device both are from Shanghai Honglian. These two technical competition to fully examine the contestants critical thinking ability and clinical nursing basic skills and operational level.


    In order to promote nursing culture and inherit Nightingale’s thought, General Boom has fully supported Beijing nursing skills competition and contributed to the improvement of nursing education and teaching level in Beijing.??

    Let's review the highlights of the game:

    The contestants are busy preparing for the competition


    The written test site

    Skill operation test site



    President huang weiqing was invited to take a photo with general manager zhao zhiqiang of Beijing General Boom Commercial Co. Ltd.


    General Boom team photo

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